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Upcoming Performances

3.12.2023/ Golden Dagger (with Jameson Scriver)

Playing original music with Jameson Scriver's quintet at 2 pm.

3.13.2023/ Elastic Arts

Playing some of Emily Kuhn's originals in her quintet.  Music starts at 8 pm.

3.15.2023/ Pacino's

Playing trio with Gustavo Cortiñas from 8-10 pm.


Playing duo with Erik Skov from 6 - 9 pm.


Playing in Gustavo Cortiñas Ensemble in the evening.

4.13.2023/Easy Does It

Playing in Arman Sangalang's Quintet.

4.15.2023/Cafe Coda

Playing in Zachary Finnegan's Ensemble in Wisconsin!

4.26.2023/Fulton Street Collective

Playing in Sam Pilnick's Nonet Project.

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